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Bigfoot Sightings – August 2021

Bigfoot Sightings 2021

California Adventure District’s most famous resident, Bigfoot, makes more appearances than we realize, here is an updated list of Bigfoot Sightings in Northern California, plus a Bigfoot Sightings Map.

These Bigfoot sightings are courtesy of our good friends at the well-respected NCBPRA.

Jan 2021, Happy Camp California.
A Bigfoot reported, 7 to 8 foot tall, brown hair, was spotted crossing the freeway. Report only

Jan 2021, near Burney California.
A family sees a 7 foot 300 pounds plus, brown hair, the creature was crossing the creek, evidence cast by a member of NCBPRA.

Bigfoot Sighting at Lake Shasta Caverns

Multiple witnesses report seeing a Bigfoot creature at Lake Shasta Caverns in February 2021

Feb 2021, Lake Shasta caverns.
Bigfoot sighting at Lake Shasta Caverns; spotted, red hair, 8 feet tall, 400 plus pounds.  Witnesses claim it was startling. Multiple reports are taken of the same creature, different people all describe the same features.

April 2021, 2 reports, 10 miles apart.
1st was at the southern corner of Whaleback Mt, red hair, 600 pounds, watching kids play around a campground, DFG called no response or Investigation, evidence found by NCBPRA, 2 prints cast.

The 2nd sighting was at the Northern corner of Whaleback mountain 5 hours later, red hair, 400 pounds, watching people from afar,  report taken by Scott Hays NCBPRA.

3 sightings In May 2021.
Toad Lake area, all brown hair, 400 to 500 pounds, spotted moving south towards Shasta,  reports only, no investigations.

June 2021, 1 report.
Light brown hair 600 pounds,  9 feet tall, chasing a small animal, a report filed by a family camping nearby, extremely frightening, DFG called, no report taken… NCBPRA report only.

August 2021, Mt Shasta.
An older couple watches a black figure climbing up the mountain.
400 pounds,  brown flowing hair, 7 feet tall estimates only,  watched for 5 minutes then disappeared into the forest.  A  UAP sighting 40 min later near the same area filed as a sighting, no aliens spotted, witnesses contacted by NCBPRA, said V-shaped craft hovered over the area for 45 seconds and shot straight up out of sight.  All contacts said their equipment stopped working during sightings and swore to never return.

Bigfoot Sightings Map

Northern California’s Long Bigfoot History

Bigfoot Sightings in Northern California go back at least one hundred and fifty years, starting with reports and stories by the native tribes.

The most famous of all Bigfoot Sightings is of course the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film, which was shot right here in Humboldt County, in 1967.  This is the footage that kicked off the worldwide phenomenon called Bigfoot.

World Famous Bigfoot Sighting

At CAD we notice a significant difference between those who make fantasy reports and those who are serious.  All those who appear serious about seeing a Bigfoot, report being very startled at the least, and those who report making eye contact with a Bigfoot report being legitimately terrified, to the point where they lose control over their bodily functions, and can’t move.

Have you seen a Bigfoot?  File a Bigfoot Sighting report at NCBPRA here.

Daryl Owen

Bigfoot Researcher

Daryl Owen is the owner of NCBPRA and internationally recognized Bigfoot expert.