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Bigfoot Sightings

*Updated August 2022

World Famous Bigfoot Sighting

Welcome To Bigfoot Country

Bigfoot is California Adventure District’s most famous resident, and also our most elusive.

This area of Northern California has been known for Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings and experiences since at least the early 1800s, the native tribal population describes him in various historic tales.

Various locations in CAD are even named after him, Bigfoot Cave (very deep) and Bigfoot Trail for example, and they are named this way for good reason, the sightings and experiences continue to this day.  Some innocent, some downright frightening.

We say ‘him’ by default but the Bigfoot sightings have featured both dude and diva Bigfoot.

Most Famous Bigfoot Sighting

The world’s most famous Bigfoot sighting is referred to as the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film, and it happened right here in Humboldt County, just north of Willow Creek.

2018 Fire Season

2018 was a devastating year for large areas of Northern California, the Carr and Paradise Fires destroyed thousands of acres and took many lives.  Many forest inhabitants were also displaced, including Bigfoot.

This resulted in a number of great Bigfoot sightings, even in broad daylight.  Most notably in the Lassen National Forest areas of Shasta County, just east of Redding.

Early 2021 Bigfoot Reports

June 2021, Humboldt County
Possible “Ohio Howls” heard on Hoopa Indian Reservation.

January 2021, Humboldt County
By a 20-year active duty law enforcement officer and describes himself as very observant.

Special Feature: “Frozen In Fear”

Bigfoot Expert and Eye Witness, Daryl Owen, retells his story of coming face to face with a Bigfoot in the Klamath area of Northern California.  Listen to CAD Radio Show #6!

Daryl Owen
Bigfoot Expert & Eye Witness

Link to Reports

Just a few Bigfoot Sightings and “Experiences” in the California Adventure District

Some Descriptions – Courtesy of
“Couple hears late-night screams near Viola” “Hunter sees prints near Round Mountain” “Loud Screams Heard by Hunters While Camping Near a Natural Spring” “Man had deer stolen by creature near Lakehead” “Footprints found along a snow-covered road near Whiskeytown Lake” “Three brothers have multiple observations west of Yreka” … and many more.

Most of the Bigfoot sightings during daylight hours happen deep in the Northern California Wilderness, like the Marble Mountains, the Klamath National Forest, or on the backside of Mt Shasta, and especially in Humboldt County.  But the nighttime Bigfoot sightings are the true “experiences” when they are more brazen, there have been many reports at campgrounds and even remote residential areas in Northern California, with Bigfoot coming through people’s backyards and such.

Here’s one report of a young woman getting dragged by Bigfoot while in her tent along the Klamath River.

Another Bigfoot Experience

Here’s one Bigfoot experience captured, this is what happens at night in Northern California Bigfoot Country.

(Please excuse the profanity a couple minutes into the video, but it’s totally understandable!)

Bigfoot Sightings Map

Below is a map of some of the Bigfoot sightings in Northern California – some of the markers indicate multiple sightings or experiences.

Bigfoot Sightings August 2021

2021 has been an active year for Bigfoot sightings in Northern California, check out the latest Bigfoot Sighting list, updated to August 2021!

Bigfoot Sightings – August 2021

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Bigfoot Sightings 2021 California Adventure District's most famous resident, Bigfoot, makes more appearances than we realize, here is an updated…

Bigfoot Experience January 2022

It takes a lot for locals to come forward and make a report that they had a Bigfoot experience, in some instances their reputation can be on the line.  But in Humboldt County, it happens quite often.  On January 16, 2022, a group of locals was hiking through the Redwoods when all of a sudden they all heard very loud horrific screams fill the forest, and they felt they were being watched.

Finding Bigfoot By Yourself

Your best bet to having your own Bigfoot experience is to start in Willow Creek, book yourself into the Bigfoot Motel or Coho Cottages for a few days, check out the Bigfoot Exhibit, and then start asking around about where to go.

Bring a camera.  And a GPS tracker.

Special Event: Camping With Bigfoot

A Guided Bigfoot Expedition

Experience the adventure of a lifetime, a two-night guided camping trip in Humboldt/Del Norte, where confirmed Bigfoot experiences have occurred!

2024 Dates to be Announced

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