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What Is Bikepacking?

Bikepacking is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreation activities in the world,  you take your mountain bike, strap your tent and minimal belongings to it, and head off-road on a one or multi-day adventure!

Routes On Your Phone

We use Ride with GPS as our go-to application to download highly detailed turn-by-turn bike routes directly to our phone.  You should too!

CAD Ratings

We have assigned CAD Rating and Adventure Times to the bikepacking routes on this page.  Adventure Times are based on biking +/- 50 miles per day, taking into consideration elevation gains and losses.  Your Adventure Times may vary, depending on your skill level and experience.

Ride with GPS

California Adventure District Bikepacking Routes


Please note, much of California Adventure District is rugged and extremely remote with lots of wildlife and no cell service.  Solo adventures are not recommended and the use of a GPS Tracking Unit is highly suggested.

Odyssey 700

Crescent City
To Goose Lake

Goose Lake
To Lake Tahoe

BlackRock 100

Odyssey 700

A California Adventure District Itinerary

The California Adventure District, with 38,000 square miles of outdoors, is the perfect perfect playground for bikepacking.  Odyssey 700 is our 700-mile bikepacking course created by Ryan Spitz, and it takes you from the southern tip of Oregon all the way down to Stinson Beach, just north of San Francisco.

Adventure Time: 10-14 days

CAD Rating: Extreme

Bring GPS Tracking Unit

Odyssey 700 Bike Packing

Odyssey 700 At A Glance

GalleryThe CourseThe Movie

Odyssey 700 Course

Black Rock 100

100 Miles, Elevation +10,600/-10,700

Adventure Time: 2 Days

CAD Rating: Beginner/Intermediate

Download Route

Crescent City to Goose Lake

514 Miles,  Elevation +62,000/-60,000

Adventure Time: 10 Days

CAD Rating: Advanced

Download Route

Goose Lake to Lake Tahoe

525 Miles,  Elevation +73,018/-70,796

Adventure Time: 12 Days

CAD Rating: Advanced

Download Route


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