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Camping With BigfootExtreme Adrenaline

Guided Overnight Camping With Bigfoot

Next Adventure: 2024 TBA
Location: Willow Creek, Northern California
Bigfoot Guide: TBA

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* Not suitable for individuals with heart or stress conditions.

Why Chase The Adrenaline, When It Can Chase YOU!

Camping With Bigfoot.

Come and experience the adrenaline rush of your life, as you go overnight camping for two nights in California Adventure District’s Bigfoot Country.  An experienced Bigfoot guide will take you to a remote campground in areas where confirmed Bigfoot activity has taken place.

Bigfoot live deep in the forest, and that’s where you’ll be, too!  Bigfoot are intelligent creatures and don’t often come out during the daylight hours, but at night, they play.  And hunt.

So, instead of just going on another boring vacation that you’ll soon forget, come Camping With Bigfoot instead!

Camping With Bigfoot Itinerary:

Meet your guides in the morning, adventure briefing, and signing of waivers.
Travel to the campsite in the wilderness.
First overnight camping experience.

Spend the day with your experienced Bigfoot guide in the forest, discovering evidence of Bigfoot activity.
Second overnight camping experience.

Mid-morning travel back to Willow Creek.
Adventure debrief over lunch.
The adventure ends after lunch.

*Itinerary subject to change.

What you might experience…

This is what happens at night in Northern California Bigfoot Country.
(Please excuse the profanity a couple minutes into the video, but it’s totally understandable!)

It was just too Human-like to shoot…

Mike Woole’s terrifying Bigfoot Encounter.  Even though he’s in Louisiana, even he thought Bigfoot was something from California…  He’s right!

If You Come Face To Face...

Bigfoot Do’s and Don’ts

Stay Calm

Your heart rate and blood pressure will skyrocket but you can't let it show. Whisper, don't yell.

Turn Phone GPS On

There probably won't be any signal but it's worth a shot.

Live Video

Go "Live" on your favorite social media channel... just in case. Make sure to activate image stabilization.


Don't fight with Bigfoot. If we need to explain this you really shouldn't go looking for one.


Don't feed Bigfoot. They are big eaters.

Wave or Run

Don't wave at, or run away from, Bigfoot.

Just a few Bigfoot Sightings and “Experiences”
in the California Adventure District

Some Descriptions – Courtesy of
“Couple hears late night screams near Viola” “Hunter sees prints near Round Mountain” “Loud Screams Heard by Hunters While Camping Near a Natural Spring” “Man had deer stolen by creature near Lakehead” “Footprints found along snow-covered road near Whiskeytown Lake” “Three brothers have multiple observations west of Yreka”

Interested in measuring your ability to generate adrenaline?

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It’s okay to be a little bit nervous…

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