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Forest Bathing

Make This Your New Normal…

Forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-Yoku, is a centuries-old practice that involves spending time in nature to promote physical and mental well-being. The concept is simple: immerse yourself in the forest environment and allow your senses to be renewed by the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of the forest. Forest bathing has been shown to reduce stress, improve moods, boost energy levels and even improve sleep quality. It’s no wonder that this simple practice is gaining popularity around the world.

There are many theories behind why forest bathing is so effective at promoting relaxation and peace of mind. One theory suggests that spending time in nature helps to restore our natural circadian rhythms. When we are constantly bombarded by artificial lights and electronic screens, our bodies can become out of sync with the natural light-dark cycle. This can lead to feelings of fatigue and insomnia. However, exposure to natural light has been shown to help reset our internal clocks, leading to improved sleep quality.

Another theory posits that forest bathing helps us to disconnect from technology and reconnect with ourselves. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to become disconnected from our surroundings and lost in our own thoughts. When we’re constantly plugged into our phones and computers, we can forget how to just be present in the moment. Forest bathing provides a much-needed opportunity to unplug and focus on the present moment. By doing so, we can cultivate a greater sense of inner peace and calm.

The Redwood Forests up and down the coast in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties in the California Adventure District are becoming a natural international hotspot for people to come and submerge in forest bathing.

So if you’re looking for a way to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being, consider giving forest bathing a try. You may just find that it’s one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ve ever had.

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Justin Legge is a certified Forest Therapist, he lives and breathes the Redwood forest and, lucky for us, loves to share his knowledge and passion for the trees with humans!

Take a 1-day guided forest therapy tour and then disappear by yourself for a few days.  Leave your phone at basecamp, your heart will thank you.  There’s no cell signal anyway.

We'll give you a map and away you go!

Submerge yourself into the Redwood forest for a day or two, three, four, or five.

You’ll be able to camp or glamp, you pick – and you can make your way to the Pacific Ocean, too!

They'll Know You're Here

After many thousands of years, we are just now beginning to scratch the surface of our knowledge of trees.  One thing we do know is, they talk to each other…

Want to get the most out of your Forest Therapy?

About The Giants

There’s something magical about the giant trees you’ll be surrounded by…

About YOUR Forest Bathing Experience

If you’re looking for a peaceful overnighter or two to get away and reset, this is the ultimate place to do it.  Note that you will need at least one full day for your mind and body to “slow down” into the rhythm of the forest.

And if you want to go all the way and do an in-depth before-and-after, go see your doctor, have some blood drawn, and detox a day or two before you go.  Then spend at least three days Forest Bathing in the Redwoods.  Upon your return home, have your blood drawn again and have a lab do a comparison.  Once you see the results we’re certain you’ll be back regularly.

Justin Legge - Redwood Guide

Naturalist Guide , Private Tours, Forest Therapy Guided Walks, Step-On Guide Service, & more!

The most experienced, knowledgeable, and professional Naturalist in the Humboldt Redwoods.


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