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Lemurians California Adventure District

Telos and The Lemurians


Every year, thousands of people come from all over the world to seek and experience the invisible Lemurians who live inside Mount Shasta, in the inner city of Telos.  The Lemurians are a remnant of the lost civilization of Atlantis.

This is just one of the many mystical legends that Mount Shasta is known for.  We also have aliens, Earth Dragon, Bigfoot, and other sacred entities worth pursuing.

Lemurians and Mystical Videos from Mount Shasta

We’d love to see your Mount Shasta Lemuria videos and hear about your experiences, please share them with us!

Mystical Mount Shasta Resources

Shasta Vortex Adventures

. . . soul searching on a sacred mountain

Phone: (530) 926-4326


Mt. Shasta Spiritual Tours

Private Guided Retreats and tours to energy vortexes on Mt. Shasta and more.

Phone:(424) 345-7333


Crystalinks Mount Shasta

Great paranormal resource site for Mt. Shasta.



The Lemurian Connection

One of the many Lemurian websites connected to Mount Shasta – in-depth history.



How to get here and where to stay


Right off Interstate 5 in Northern California, 60 miles south of Oregon border.

Redding: 61 Miles, 1 hr.
San Francisco: 275 Miles, 4 hrs.
Medford, Oregon: 88 Miles, 1.5 hrs.

Mt. Shasta Lemurians and Legends

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