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Shasta Rock Club: Climbing Scene Gem

Benjamin Goodpasture would pretty much climb anything. And he’s not alone. Recognizing that, he opened up Shasta Rock Club, Redding’s only bouldering gym a few years ago. With a vision and ingenuity, he and a friend built a bouldering wall in a warehouse off of Victor Avenue and the club was ready for climbing.

Shasta Rock Club is now considered a gateway for not only indoor bouldering but also to a climbing community within Redding and the surrounding area. The Club offers an after-school club, supports a competitive traveling team, hosts private events, and more. Its community is created by people within the gym, and it transfers outside the walls of the club.

I recently sat down with Benjamin to learn more.


boul·​der·​ing | \ ˈbōl-d(ə-)riŋ \

Definition of bouldering: the sport of rock climbing on large boulders or low cliffs

How did you get your concept for the business?

I’ve been a climber for 19 years. There wasn’t a gym here, and I knew there was a need for it. A few years back, I was building a wall for fun at the time. Myself and the owner of Dutch Bros. found a warehouse space. After building the wall, we were able to test the market and started posting on a Facebook page. Then in 2014, we were able to expand into a business.

What services are offered at Shasta Rock Club?

Fitness bouldering, the After School Club, a travel team, birthday parties, team building, and private events, as well as field trips. There are some guided trips to Castle Crags, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen the coast too!

What is your typical day like?

There actually isn’t a typical day, but usually a lot of marketing or vision casting outside of the day-to-day operations. We also have a new manager, Ray who is helping the operations flow smoothly.

What is the best way to become involved in what the gym has to offer?

I would say become a member, it’s a great way for people to meet each other. Our website does show all of the events and things going on. Most of all, just show up and get plugged into your community. Things organically happen that way.

What has been your biggest challenge in the business so far?

It’s hard to find a building with 35-foot tall ceilings. We want to be a top-rope bouldering and full-service gym as soon as possible.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I’m building a real estate business, flipping houses, getting a real estate license, and contract license. Being part of the outdoor community, climbing Lassen and Shasta. I also love to surf. Then there’s photography and videography.

How do you advertise your services?

We are looking to promote our business within our scope. Social media through Instagram and Facebook, email, posters, North State Parent magazine, and Enjoy Magazine.

What is the biggest event you hold during the year?

Our biggest event Climb for a Cause competition in April. It has all new routes up and is point-based, so whoever gets the most points wins. There is beginner, intermediate, and advanced, in the adult or youth category. No is experience necessary, so anyone can join.

Shasta Rock Club is located at 2325 Athens Avenue in Redding and is owned and operated by Benjamin Goodpasture.

Visit for a calendar of events.